Connect. Engage. Convert.

MyRobot is a powerful lead generation tool that converts your connections into an engaged audience. Reach your LinkedIn connections easier, build your network faster, engage smarter and convert more efficiently.


3 friends, one in sales, one in marketing and one in recruitment realized that their LinkedIn lead generation was time consuming and extremely manual, so they developed MyRobot.

MyRobot meets the growing need for a simple, efficient and effective way to communicate with your LinkedIn connections and grow your network of qualified leads.

Customers reviews

Ease of use

Time savings

Value for money

“Our recruitment team is way more efficient now. We collaborate better, avoid duplication of effort and have a significantly better win ratio with our clients”.

Savannah Nguyen

"I was in a search for an easy-to-use tool to help me find more candidates for my company and MyRobot turned out to be just that."

Courtney Heart

"A thing that pleased me the most is great ROI I had with MyRobot. It's straightforward and does the job perfectly. I've managed to get quality leads."

Marvin McKinney

“MyRobot has totally automated our LinkedIn outreach. We connect, nurture and convert more leads through this channel than any other”.

Jerome Bell

“MyRobot has taken a manual time-consuming process and supercharged it. By simplifying & automating our prospecting efforts we’ve trebled our lead generation.”

Esther Howard

"LinkedIn is my main source of leads so MyRobot fits in the picture perfectly to help me grow my network."

Joel Green

"As a small business owner in a small town it's hard to find customers and with so little time in my day it has been a challenge, but MyRobot really helped me grow."

Kelly Powers

"I was really intrigued by the concept of MyRobot so my team and I decided to give it a try. We were pleasantly surprised with the results!"

Andre Henderson