B2B lead generation for Sales Professionals

We get it. You want to grow your LinkedIn network, improve your lead generation and convert them into customers without spending huge amounts of your valuable time achieving your goal.

“MyRobot has taken a manual time-consuming process and supercharged it. By simplifying & automating our prospecting efforts we’ve trebled our lead generation.”

Esther Howard (Sales Director)

SaaS company

Automated prospecting

Up to 300 Automated invites a day to 2nd and 3rd level connections

Segment your audience

One click audience segmentation for hyper-personalized communication

Improve conversion rates

Allows you to scrutinize and qualify leads better to improve conversion rates.

Sales team collaboration

Excellent for sales collaboration. Smart lead generation funnels avoid overlaps between different salespeople.

CRM compatible

Generate qualified B2B leads to transfer into your company CRM

Nurture your network

Automated multiple drip campaigns to build trust and develop your relationship

“We connect with prospects quicker and through automated comms deliver great sales qualified leads. In a nutshell, MyRobot is easy to use and works!”

Eleanor Pena

“I used to struggle to add prospects to my sales pipeline while working on other deals. MyRobot takes care of the nurturing until a prospect is ready to talk to me.”

Cameron Williamson