Recruitment Professional

The demands placed on recruiters have never been greater and so the need to automate manual processes has also never been greater.

“Our recruitment team is way more efficient now. We collaborate better, avoid duplication of effort and have a significantly better win ratio with our clients”.

Savannah Nguyen (CEO)

Agency Owner

Automated prospecting

Up to 300 Automated invites a day to 2nd and 3rd level connections

Team collaboration

Excellent for sales collaboration. Smart lead generation funnels avoid overlaps between different team members.

Nurture Candidates

Automated nurture campaigns help you build trust and develop your recruiter/candidate relationship

Candidate Pools

One click audience segmentation based on your candidate criteria.

Grow your network

You can send personalized connection requests on autopilot to targeted LinkedIn profiles of your choice.

Clean data collection

Robust profile auto visitor feature avoids duplication of team efforts and ensures no profile is re-visited too quickly.

“The segmentation has helped us nurture and deliver appropriate candidates to our hiring managers 10 days quicker and the ROI has been 6X”

Emma Doyle

“It was incredibly easy to set up. I grew our candidate bank by 60% in just two months. I couldn’t work without it”

Alvin Bates