Automated Marketing Lead Generation

Most marketing teams are using ABM (Account Based Marketing) to increase marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) through nurture campaigns, events, webinars, social media outreach and much more.

“MyRobot has totally automated our LinkedIn outreach. We connect, nurture and convert more leads through this channel than any other”.

Jerome Bell (Marketing Director)

Tech company

Segment your audience

One click audience segmentation based on your buying personas


Automated bulk messaging with detailed personalization

Nurture your network

Simultaneously run multiple drip campaigns to build trust and generate MQL’s

CRM compatible

Generate qualified B2B leads to transfer into your company CRM


Maximize your in person and online event attendees with automated, personalized engagement messaging

Clean data collection

Robust profile auto visitor feature avoids duplication of team efforts and ensures no profile is re-visited too quickly.

“I’ve double the size of my podcast audience every episode with MyRobot. Sending personalized messaging in bulk is so easy and has transformed engagement rates”.

Paul Barker

“MyRobot transformed our LinkedIn lead gen, allowing my team to segment our audience, automate communication, avoid duplication of effort and maximize results.”

Ana Benson